Smart & Connected Retail Solutions

The retail industry is undergoing a massive transformation, fueled by connected solutions that are altering the way businesses are conducted. IoT, cloud computing, and machine learning technologies have all helped to improve customer experience, inventory management, supply chain optimisation, automated checkouts, and other areas. These technologies have given rise to smart retail solutions, which provide organizations with novel opportunities to collect and analyze data, ensuring successful business across multiple channels. With a diverse set of applications, the retail industry faces challenges such as infrastructure availability, data security/privacy, and data management.

Dynamic Edge Creative, with its extensive experience developing smart retail solutions using cutting-edge technologies, ensures secure communication between end devices and the cloud while making the best use of infrastructure and resources. We specialize in the design and development of end devices, gateways, cloud and mobile applications for a wide range of connected retail solutions, such as connected vending machines, interactive digital signage, automated checkout systems, smart shelves, and more. We provide our customers with comprehensive connected retail product engineering services, from the storefront to the back office.

Our core offering to customers leverages Cloud Technologies to efficiently utilize data for enhanced visibility and control, resulting in improved operational performance. Our smart connected manufacturing solutions include connecting various points in the supply chains with processes and people using optimal tools, technologies, and solutions. This results in an end to end visibility – from logistics to inventory, to shop-floor monitoring- for production efficiency and control.

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Our Expertise in Smart Retail Solutions

We provide a comprehensive range of customized retail solutions to suit the client's specific requirements. Below are some of the services that we offer.

  • Connected Retail Solutions

    Connected shopping apps, interactive digital displays, smart shelves, POS devices, quick and automated checkouts, improving the customers served per hour ratio.

  • End-customer Data Security

    Enable a secure and robust infrastructure for end-consumer data collection from different locations & devices, its storage, management and transmission without any risk of data loss or breach.

  • Enhancing Customer Experience

    Develop intelligent ML algorithms to understand consumer expectations, buying patterns and deliver personalized services, targeted content to end-customers.

  • Fleet Management

    Design and develop smart fleet management solutions with GPS-based vehicle tracking, live video streaming, efficiency parameters measurement, fleet data storage and real-time analytics.

  • Optimized Store Operations

    Develop data-driven supply chain, inventory monitoring & management system based on BLE beacons, RFID and barcode technology, remote digital signage device management and content delivery using cloud SaaS improving staff efficiency.

  • Collecting Data & Processing through Sensors

    Some of the wireless embedded devices collect data from the nearby environment through motions and send it to specific persons in real-time. From supermarkets to supply chains to small stores, IoT adoption occurs in every part of retail.

Our Retail Offerings

Interactive Point-of-Sale (POS) System

Smart display, audio-video, and billing system integrations that make the consumer buying experience more convenient and help in improving visitor footprints

Smart Tracking Systems

On-shelf smart inventory monitoring, management & tracking system based on BLE beacons, RFID, 5G, and barcode

Asset Tracking

Different sensors are placed on the assets, which will let the store owner know the exact location. Owners can save the items from being stolen or misplaced through asset tracking. An asset tracking sensor can run for years without a need for replacement

Connected App

Developing a separate multilingual connected app for admins, storekeepers, and users to provide a better experience and control at all levels

Testing Support

End-to-end testing (manual/automated) of connected retail solutions covering end devices, cloud, and mobile/web applications based on the latest technologies

In-house Reference Platforms

Ready-to-use platform for monitoring, managing, and OTA firmware update support for connected devices using our IoT gateway

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Experience in delivering connected solutions to companies ranging from startups to industry leaders.
Rich experience and expertise in integrating/transforming and enhancing legacy devices into connected solutions.
We can deliver region-specific certified (FCC, CE, ROHS, UL, etc.) solutions with a complete rebranding and ready-to-retail boxed products to OEMs at various geographic locations.
Ready-to-use IoT cloud and low-cost Gateway/Hub solutions to help OEMs achieve faster time-to-market and lower-upfront investment costs in R&D for their end-user applications.
Expertise in both in-store and online customer shopping solutions.
Experts in Visual Search algorithms for image capture-search-buy in e-Commerce.