Smart Aerospace and Avionics Solution Services

IoT is transforming the Aerospace industry both on the ground and in the air. IoT systems are instrumental in capturing critical data for operational efficiency, predictive maintenance, structural health monitoring, flight safety, and analytics. IoT solutions can help OEMs/service providers to capture all the information to make smarter real-time decisions to improve efficiency, security, convenience, and reduced cost of overall operations. Dynamic Edge Creative is powering the aerospace industry with cutting edge IoT solutions that address these challenges.

We have delivered a wide range of connected solutions including cabin management systems, in-flight entertainment systems, aircraft structural health monitoring systems, and more. We have in-house expertise to understand the particular pain area and thereby helping aviation companies to solve the pain with the help of innovative solutions. We undertake design and system-level ownership of complex components, sub-systems, and modules to allow our customers to sustain a competitive advantage.

Our team understands the stringent compliance standards of the Aviation industry and develops products that are compliant and certified. Dynamic Edge Creative provides life-cycle and Obsolescence management to adhere to the long lifetime of avionics products. Besides, we seamlessly allow the latest consumer technologies, at home and in our pocket, into the cockpit and the passenger cabin.

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Our Expertise in Smart Aerospace & Aviation

We provide a comprehensive range of customized aerospace & aviation solutions to suit the client's specific requirements. Below are some of the services that we offer.

  • Improving Crew’s Operational Efficiency

    Developing and integrating systems for cabin control and management, web UI/mobile app for wireless control of in-flight LEDs, storages and audio improving staff efficiency and saving on time.

  • Advance Connectivity Enablement

    Implementing multi-protocol wireless systems in flight contributing to simplified functioning, wireless cabin control, lighting and storage control, passenger service management, etc.

  • Safety and Security

    Experience in designing rugged structural health monitoring systems for civil and military aircrafts, developing backend and cabin control applications with IPv6 security.

  • Enhancing Passenger Experience

    Implementing an advanced infotainment system, in-flight Wi-Fi, advanced luggage tracking system to enhance the traveler’s experience.

  • Improved Efficiency and Performance

    Our enginee­rs have the ability to utilize digital twins in aviation to simulate­ and optimize aircraft designs, with the ultimate­ goal of achieving maximum efficiency.

  • Robust Firmware Design

    Reliable and robust firmware design with object code, stack, link & re-entrance analysis, structural code coverage analysis (statement, branch, MC/DC), develop drivers and supplements.

Aerospace & Avionics Engineering Services

Electric Flight

Recent technological advancements enable novel concepts for emission-free propulsion and more electric aircraft systems. These profound changes not only bring about new fields of application and business opportunities, but also new challenges in the development process. Discover our solutions to make your vision for future air mobility a reality.

Connectivity 5G & Security

Revolutionizing aviation connectivity and security with interoperable communication systems, leveraging 5G, LTE, WiFi, Ethernet, IP, Neo/Leo Satellite Comm., and Fiber Optics. Transforming A2G communication, passenger experience, safety, maintenance, and security standards for unparalleled advancements.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered core

Integrates robotics, image processing, simulation, and machine learning to enhance avionics systems. Artificial Intelligence drives aviation innovation with applications like Co-Pilot assistance, route optimization, asset utilization, fuel efficiency enhancements, and decision-making support in autonomous flight operations. Transforming safety and efficiency in the skies.


Advancements in Mobility encompass Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), Urban Air Mobility (UAM), and Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) technologies, creating new paradigms in transportation with efficient, sustainable aerial solutions for urban environments.

Health Management

Integrating Aircraft Health Management with Remaining Useful Life (RUL) forecast and condition-based maintenance (CBM) ensures optimal performance. Self-adaptive control and optimization, fused with smart sensors, AI/ML, and Next Gen communication, elevate safety and efficiency in aviation.

Autonomous Flights

Advanced aviation technologies including collision avoidance systems, enhanced situational awareness with analytics, Autonomous Taxi, Take-off and Landing (ATTOL) capabilities, Urban Air Mobility (UAM) deck finder, fixed corridor navigation, and Extended Minimum Crew Operations for safer, more efficient flights.


Embracing sustainability in aviation through diverse propulsion options like Sustainable Aviation Fuel, Electric propulsion, Hybrid, and Hydrogen technologies. Complemented by eco-friendly cabin interiors, promoting recyclability, green practices, and circularity compliance for a greener future in flight.

Advanced Structure

Advanced structures, featuring blended wing designs and cutting-edge composite materials with smart properties, lead to increased range, reduced noise levels, and enhanced fire retardancy in aircraft construction, ensuring safer and more efficient flights.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Rich experience & domain expertise to help A&D suppliers in transforming product life cycles.
Adherence to rigorous compliance systems that meet prescribed security parameters.
Ensures enhanced customer experience with smart engineering & manufacturing processes.
Experienced in streamlining product life cycle management with relevant tools and solutions.
Facilitate constant workflow optimization with timely analytical insights.
Rationalize cost of manufacturing for custom aircraft design with pertinent cost analytics.
Reintroduce core processes with digitized aerospace services for multiple scenarios.
Lower engineering costs of products while meeting stringent quality and safety standards