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In a mobile-first world, customers and workers want more ways to engage with your brand. Build apps to meet their needs, faster and innovative experiences. Dynamic Edge Creative’s mobile app development services allow organizations to build innovative and user-friendly applications. Our team of expert software engineers and developers craft scalable and reliable mobile app solutions to improve your business capabilities.

We develop mobile apps that help businesses for better operational efficiency and engagement. We offer native mobile app development services for both iOS and Android platforms along with cross-platform solutions built using React Native and Flutter. Using agile methodologies and advanced technologies like AI and ML, our experts design, develop, and deploy feature-rich mobile apps with a focus on performance and scalability.

We create great experiences on small screens that help your business succeed and make operations easier. We understand user experience and mobile technology really well, so we can engage your customers better. We work with different ecosystems to reach as many people as possible and make the most impact.

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Feature-rich Mobile Apps to Accelerate Your Business

Our Mobile Application Development Services

Embrace the power of mobile technology. We build mobile applications in native & hybrid platforms that drive business & startups growth and can help you reach your target audience to achieve your goals.

iOS App Development Services

Not sure of the features you wish to include in your iOS app? Need a roadmap for your app development? Want the right advice from an experienced tech consultant to suggest branding, designing, & technology stack? Book a call with our iOS app consultant to discuss requirements.

Dynamic Edge Creative has extensive experience in iOS application development. We take pride in having created top iOS applications that have dominated the app store. Our high caliber teams are full-stack domain experts specializing in iPhone app development, designing, building code right up to support, and maintenance of your app. We are a group of expert developers who are constantly leveraging their programming skills.

We use advanced features and cutting-edge technologies such as ML, Blockchain, AR/VR, and AI to assist you from app ideation, design, development, and launch to the Apple App Store. Contact us right away to validate your app concept and receive a free custom quote.

  • iPhone App Development
  • iPad App Development
  • Apple Watch Development
  • Apple TV Apps
  • iOS App with SiriKit
  • iOS app with MLkit
  • iOS App with ARkit
  • iOS App Testing

Android App Development Services

We are a leading Android app development company offering custom Android mobile app solutions for global brands, enterprises, and startups. Our experience spans the entire Android platform, so we can assist you in developing apps for smartphones, tablets, Android Wear, and Android TV. If you hire our Android app developers, they will be able to create custom apps that will work on all Android devices, including the most recent Android OS versions.

We specialize in developing custom apps that meet our clients’ specific requirements. Your app is designed for your own custom business needs – including your own unique look and feel. Highly skilled in the creation and maintenance of the complete lifecycle of android projects, our mobile application developers are at your side from conception to delivery of projects.

From design and development to testing and support, our team of mobile app experts employs the latest technologies and design features to create best-in-class apps for the Android operating system.

  • Android Smartphone Apps
  • Android TV Apps
  • Android Tablet Apps
  • Chromebook Apps
  • Android Wear Apps
  • Android Things Apps
  • Firebase Integration
  • Android Apps with Dialog Flow

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Want to automate your business process? Looking for higher efficiency in your day-to-day business processes? Our team of professional React Native app developers will build flexible and performance-centric apps using React components for your business. Giant companies such as Walmart and Airbnb are already using React Native for their mobile apps. Be the next, and build flexible apps right away.

Hybrid applications combine the capabilities of web and native applications. Our expert developers use their knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create seamless and intuitive hybrid apps that work on both iOS and Android platforms.

Our solutions offer a low-cost way to reach a larger audience, improve user engagement, and increase your company’s revenue. Using JavaScript and JSX, we help you to craft a true native app without compromising the user experience. Overall, our aim is to build the best mobile apps that offer superfast performance and save cost.

  • Hybrid Mobile App Development
  • Migration to Hybrid Frameworks
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Independent Testing
  • React Native App Development
  • Flutter App Development
  • Responsive Web App
  • Hybrid App Consultation

Mobile Apps Driven by Cloud

Our team of certified specialists provides expert cloud consultation services to ensure maximum scalability, performance, and concurrency for your Mobile Apps, Web Applications, and APIs.

From the discovery phase to the final implementation, we collaborate closely with top providers such as AWS, Rackspace, DigitalOcean, and Azure to optimize information delivery across multiple channels with zero downtime. Our solutions are tailored to your specific business needs, giving you the peace of mind to focus on running your company. With our cloud consulting services, you can take your products and services to the next level and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Cloud Consulting
  • Migrate to Cloud
  • Managed Cloud Services
  • AWS Cloud Services
  • Google Cloud Services
  • DevOps Consultation
  • DevOps as a Service
Deploy the Best Technology Stack

App Development Technology Stack

We understand that choosing the right tech is instrumental to your project’s success. Therefore, to ensure that we deliver the best quality applications. We've expertise in all the latest technologies & tools in the industry.

swift technology






Android Studio


React Native


Reason To Choose Us

Why Choose Us for Native App Development?

We add development capacity to tech teams when agility is needed. Our value isn’t limited to building teams but is equally distributed across the project lifecycle. We own and guarantee the successful delivery of your project.

Experienced Resources

Our team of professionals has a wide range of domain experience, making them ideally suited for tackling any challenge you may face

Timely Delivery

At Dynamic Edge Creative, punctuality and quality are paramount. We go extra mile to ensure that all products and services are delivered on time

Best Practices

We constantly strive for success with regular scrum opportunities and use agile methods to create efficient procedure for better outcomes

Technical Support

Our interactive approach ensures that your queries are answered quickly and effectively along with regular updates to meet users’ needs

100% Transparency

We are committed to fostering an open atmosphere of trust and communication between our team and clients

Complete Solution

From initial concept stages right through native app testing and beyond, we provide end-to-end custom app development services

Process We Follow

Our Mobile App Development Process

Get your mobile app idea off the ground with our high-quality mobile app development services. We provide custom iOS, Android, and Hybrid app development for businesses of all sizes. You can rely on us to handle your project from start to finish.

Analysis of Requirements

Delve into the client’s needs, ensuring a comprehensive understanding. Identify optimal solutions, setting the project’s foundational direction.

App Development Consultation

Conduct market research and pinpoint competitors. Establish clear goals while continuously integrating client feedback, ensuring the project is aligned with expectations.

Wireframing & Designing

Construct a detailed app blueprint, defining each screen’s structure. Transition into design, focusing on a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

App Development

Embark on the development phase, emphasizing core functionalities. Regularly solicit client feedback, ensuring the product meets envisioned specifications.

Mobile App Testing

Conduct rigorous application tests, striving for impeccable operation. Secure final client approval, preparing the app for deployment.

App Deployment

Finalize by launching the app on designated servers and major platforms. Ensure smooth user access, marking the project’s successful completion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On the basis of our experience as a trusted mobile development company and the questions that our partners ask, we have enlisted the most asked FAQs. Our hope here is that through them, you will come one step closer to understanding the ecosystem at its core.

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When considering an example of native app development at its finest, Facebook and Instagram stand out due to their widespread use and global impact.

Native app development can involve leveraging multiple languages, including Objective-C, Swift and HTML 5. Alternatively, Java can be used to produce an android version of the same app that works on a different platform without losing any existing features.

The specific pricing of native app development projects depends on its size and complexity. Factors such as native app design, technology stack, engineering hours and platform on which the app is being developed needs to be taken into account.

The development timeline for a hybrid mobile app varies based on the complexity of the app, the number of features, and the platform requirements. Our expert developers can provide a project timeline after analyzing your specific expectations.

At Dynamic Edge Creative, security is a top priority. To guarantee the security of your app and user data, we implement industry-standard security methods. To protect your app from any potential security flaws, we use strong encryption, secure authentication, and secure data storage. We also conduct routine security audits to find and address any issues.