Smart Healthcare & Medical Device Engineering

Digital transformation has altered the way the healthcare industry operates. Connected medical devices and remote health monitoring have improved the accuracy, efficiency, and dependability of medical care. IoT solutions in healthcare have benefited patients, doctors, and hospitals by providing real-time, remote access to a patient’s vitals and health data. Drug delivery systems are transitioning to IoT-enabled pumps, inhalers, auto-injectors, and insideables for diagnostic and body function monitoring.

Dynamic Edge Creative has hands-on experience in engineering FDA Class 2 and Class 3 medical devices for monitoring, diagnostics & imaging, wearable health and telemedicine. We have hands-on experience providing smart healthcare solutions and medical-grade FDA/HIPAA compliant solutions, such as medical diagnostic devices, robotic surgical equipment, DNA analysis devices, drug delivery systems, and digital health systems, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as Wi-Fi, LTE/4G/5G. Our capabilities include device miniaturization, low-power customized wearables, invasive and non-invasive devices, security compliance, and others.

We offer medical device engineering services which can help manufacturers in designing innovative devices and productizing them with compliance and certifications. Our team can also work together with healthcare providers to offer distinctive solutions for seamless experience to patients from check-in to recovery. Our medical device engineering services team has developed numerous systems in conformance to the prevailing medical standards across geographies.

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Our Expertise in Smart Healthcare Solutions

We provide a comprehensive range of customized healthcare solutions to suit the client's specific requirements. Below are some of the services that we offer.

  • IoT Adoption

    Transforming legacy health monitoring devices into the connected devices. As part of our IoT development and consulting services, we help businesses capture sensor data, run it through AI algorithms, present insights to end-users in an intuitive way, and orchestrate connected devices

  • Medical Regulation Compliance

    Delivering HIPAA, FDA healthcare standards to make the solution compliant. Hospitals and Clinics can use our ready-to-deploy telemedicine app to generate more consulting for patients and doctors.

  • Telecare Solutions

    We design complex telehealth solutions that enable doctor-patient communication and expand care delivery beyond hospital walls. Our Telecare Services include the development of HIPAA-compliant Alexa skills facilitating real-time delivery of health data via voice interfaces and integration of IoT devices with telemedicine applications.

  • Hospital Automation

    We help healthcare organizations boost productivity and enhance services by automating the hospital’s workflows and handling medical facilities efficiently. Our hospital automation solutions include hospital inventory management solutions via RFID tags and BLE beacons, wearable devices integration and sensor-driven climate control solutions.

  • Health Data Collection and Analytics

    We build apps that can collect health-related data, process the information and produce deep insights into health outcomes. It helps healthcare organizations gain access to healthcare analytics and make informed decisions. We develop solutions that collect data from smart glucometers and BP cuffs for inpatient monitoring.

  • Patient Vital Analysis

    Proactive health measuring using data engineering & AI/ML technologies on cloud. We enable automated e-prescription to manage chronic diseases.

Our Healthcare & Medical Device Offerings

Health Devices & Wearables

Design & develop ingestible sensors, health monitoring devices, & wearables.

Technology Integration

Leading technology integration like Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Big Data and AR with medical devices.

Connected App Development

Mobile and web application development for health & fitness tracking.

Remote Diagnostics

Developing solutions for live video streaming of surgery with minimum latency.

Connectivity Support

Enabling healthcare devices with BLE, Wi-Fi, LTE/4G/5G based connectivity.

Cloud-based Development

Expertise in development based on HIPAA compliant cloud-like ClearData, AWS.

Tools Expertise

Expertise in tools like VectorCast, requirement traceability, & >95% code coverage.

End-to-end Testing

Experience in test strategy, requirement testability, dry runs & formal execution, & risk analysis.

Why Dynamic Edge Creative for Smart Healthcare Solutions?

Our developed solutions are HIPAA, FDA healthcare standards to make it compliant and lessens the risk connected.
We expertise in designing, and engineering disruptive ingestible sensors, health monitoring devices, and wearables.
Dynamic Edge Creative’s team has domain-specific experience in test strategy, requirement testability, dry runs, and formal execution.
We strongly connect with pre-compliant health standard cloud and hardware platform providers to allow faster time to market.
We have developed a connected app for health & fitness tracking that supports predictive analysis and remote health monitoring.
We have expertise in health grade device development, cloud integration, app development, testing, and mass manufacturing.