Delivering Smart Industrial IoT Solutions

Industry 4.0 has become increasingly mainstream and industrial IoT(IIoT) solutions are driving digital transformation in the OEM businesses. Businesses today focus more on developing machines that demonstrate lower energy consumption, cost of ownership, and improve efficiencies for the asset’s life cycle. At the same time, the arrival of advanced connectivity technology, such as 5G, allows manufacturers to take advantage of technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and IoT to build smart factories. As manufacturers realize the value they can extract from machines to improve service efficiency, enhance product features, and add new services, they demand for Industrial IoT solutions to enable those capabilities. However, the challenge for OEMs is interoperability, integration with the existing setup, and keeping pace with new technologies.

As a thriving industry, the power sector needs smart energy monitoring IoT solutions to cope with the ever-increasing demand and increasing challenges. The sector is responsible for uninterrupted supply of electricity across the vast region. Our smart energy solution is based on IoT technology and other advanced features to enable the power sector to increase the efficiency of the sector significantly.

At Dynamic Edge Creative, our team has developed a high-end, IoT-based energy management solution. It measures and manages electricity distribution effectively. We integrate advanced features related to the fourth phase of the industrial revolution and IIoT into our solution. It facilitates you to address the growing demand of energy and you can easily meet the challenges of the energy and utility sector.

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Our Expertise in Smart IIoT 4.0

We provide a comprehensive range of customized IIoT solutions to suit the client's specific requirements. Below are some of the services that we offer.

  • Industrial IoT (IIoT) Solutions

    Creating intelligent and smart industrial IoT solutions using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

  • Developing HMI Interface

    Building Human to Machine interfaces to operate, control and manage the machines with ease & effectively.

  • Manufacturing Support

    Large-scale manufacturing support for different hardwares and enclosures.

  • Custom Product Development

    Design and Development of the required hardware with different industrial standards.

  • Full Cycle Development Support

    Conceptualizing, designing, and prototyping of industrial IoT solutions for larger level implementation.

  • Enabling Connectivity

    Enabling Machine to Machine Connectivity or Machine to Cloud connectivity using different protocols like BLE, Zigbee, LoRaWAN, Thread, NFC, Wi-Fi, LTE/4G/5G, NB-IoT, PROFINET, EthernetCAT, Ethernet, CAN, ModBUS, RS-232/485, and more.

Our Industrial IoT 4.0 Offerings

HMI Development

Human Machine Interface (HMI) System Development, real-time remote monitoring system, and predictive maintenance system

Manufacturing Support

Engineering driven manufacturing support to produce cost-effective and sustainable solutions

Wireless Connectivity Solution

BLE, Zigbee®, LoRaWAN, Thread, NFC, Wi-Fi, LTE/4G/5G, NB-IoT, Ethernet, PROFINET, EthernetCAT, CAN, Rs-232/485, Modbus, and more

Reference Platforms

Industrial Sensor integration, gateway device/reference design, and System on Modules(SOMs)

Full Cycle Support

Conceptualization, designing, and prototyping of industrial IoT solutions

Industry Standards

OPENIoT, HomeKit, Thread, Nest, Alljoyn, Brillo and Weave

M2M Interface

M2M interfacing and network management

Intelligent Automation

Process Automation and control using AI/ML

What makes us unique

Our services can be used in asset tracking & machine monitoring, automation of manual processes, predictive analysis, etc.
We stand to manage a full-fledged IIoT Solution, thereby making it easy to deploy, hence easing your business operations.
With in-built device authentication and authorization, we provide for multi-layered security of your valuable information.
Our team has vast experience and domain knowledge in Wireless connectivity, edge processing, AI, ML, and Predictive maintenance.
Dynamic Edge Creative’s ingenuity, connectivity and data processing characteristics use well-known protocols such as MQTT.
We offer integration, maintenance, & security on cloud computing platforms- Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.