Enterprise IoT Gateway Overview

Modular IoT Gateway is a sophisticated, smart, customizable, multi-service Enterprise IoT Gateway platform built on the MX6UL/i.MX6ULL system-on-module. It enables the creation of IoT solutions with a variety of RF connectivity options (Zigbee®, Z-Wave, BLE, Wi-Fi, Thread, 4G/5G/LTE, and NFC), as well as a mobile app, voice, and wearable support, and leading cloud platform integration. The Modular IoT Gateway functions as a multi-protocol Wi-Fi Gateway, enabling a wide range of use cases across several sectors.

The Modular IoT Gateway may operate as both a border router in Thread networks and a coordinator in Zigbee® networks. It is a customized OEM gateway platform that allows you to create tailored IoT solutions for different sectors. Our Enterprise IoT Gateway is included in the AWS Qualified Device Catalog and the IBM Global Solutions Directory.

IoT Solution providers can build their feature-rich business applications for mobile app platforms like iOS and Android having secure communications, relevant business logic, rule-based automatic control of sensors & devices, real-time alerts and so on. This allows controlling and monitoring devices from anywhere at any time.

As businesses continue to leverage the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance operations, the need for robust and reliable IoT gateways has become paramount. Our Enterprise IoT Gateway solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate your IoT devices, ensuring efficient data collection, processing, and transmission across your network. We are committed to helping businesses like yours harness the full potential of IoT with our advanced gateway solutions.

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OEM Solution

  • OEM Solution

    Customize logo, Enclosure, Packaging and Connectivity options. So you can focus more on generating core business value for your customers

  • Faster Time to Market

    Ready to use, Feature rich, Pre-certified IoT Gateway platform with integrated IoT cloud and wireless connectivity protocols for quick deployment

  • Lower Cost of Ownership

    Reduce the cost of ownership by utilizing our Ready-to-use, Cost-effective solution – Minimal development cost, Low production & operating costs

  • Modular Design

    MikroBUS™ compatible modular connectivity options to get the best suitable configuration at an affordable price according to customer needs

  • Gateway Applications

    OTA Update, Real-time alerts, Rule engine support, Scene management, Multiple gateway device management and more

  • Android and iOS Mobile Application

    Control and monitor 200+ devices and sensors per Gateway

  • Security

    MQTT 3.1.1, Trust Zone, Tamper Detection, Secure Boot Advanced hardware-level security using NXP AC70CM

Key Features

  • System-On-Chip

    ARM® Cortex®-A7 CPU

  • Leading IoT Cloud Platforms Support

    AWS IoT, Ayla, ClearBlade, IBM Watson, Evrythng, Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant and others

  • Connectivity

    End devices: Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, Thread, Zigbee, BLE, NFC, Sub-GHz Cloud: Wi-Fi/4G/5G, USB, Ethernet

  • Gateway Interfaces

    MikroBUS™ compatible connector, Dual high-speed USB 2.0 OTG connectivity

  • Enclosure Design

    Wall mount, Table top design Dimension: L x W x H – 150 mm x 100 mm x 30 mm

  • Operating System

    Multiple OS support like Yocto Linux, OpenWRT.

  • Security

    MQTT 3.1.1, Trust Zone, Tamper Detection, Secure Boot Advanced hardware-level security using NXP AC70CM

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The QR code is located on the bottom side of the Gateway board.

Yes it is necessary.

WiFi or Ethernet interface can be used for internet connectivity.

The SW1 switch stands for two functionalities as described below:

  • SW1 pressed between 5 seconds to 15 seconds, it will turn on/off functionality of the NFC/BLE commission window. 
  • SW1 pressed more than 15 seconds, it will soft power down the Gateway board.

NFC or BLE commission methods are available for WiFi provisioning using android mobile Application.

The Gateway supported Zigbee® chipsets are as below, JN5169 JN5179.

The Gateway supports Thread and Zigbee® protocol on 802.15.4 RF radio connectivity.

i.MX6UL/ 6ULL processor as SOM is used.

The DDR RAM can be expanded up to 1GB DDR3.

The CPU architecture is Cortex-A7.

Yes. The Modular IoT Gateway has onboard & external RTC support.

The Murata 1DX module being used inside the Modular IoT Gateway.