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Dynamic Edge Creative’s CCS2 controller is designed to empower the E-Mobility game to the next level by offering fast DC chargers for Electric Vehicles. Our CCS2 controller is compliant with the universal standards for Indian electric vehicles.

With the rise in frequency of EV charging, dynamic load management is vital to prevent charging overload. Our CCS2CON is the central command unit responsible for communication between the EV and EVSE. For the first time in the Indian EV market, Dynamic Edge Creative’s next-gen CCS2 controller is set to transform the E-mobility game. The CCS2CON supports OCCP1.6J for remote charger monitoring and cloud communication. Our product is compliant with all the ISO/DIN/IEC standards for PLC communication.

Our ready-to-use charge controllers are market-proven and comply with all current standards. They include hardware and software for controlling AC and DC charging stations and electric vehicles as well. We provide OEMs and system integrators with charging solutions for electric vehicles including modern, programmable SIMATIC controllers, electrical components and application examples for AC and DC charging stations.

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CCS2 Controller Features

  • Suitable to build Level-3 Charger

  • Compliant with ISO/IEC 15118 and DIN 70121

  • RFID / FNC support for Authentication

  • Support Dual Gun / Single GUN CCS2

  • Suitable for 30kW / 60kW / 120kW rating

  • Support OCPP1.6

  • Support 4G/5G , Ethernet-10/100 , Wifi for Network Connectivity

  • Energy Metering

    CCS2 controller provides an interface for monitoring AC and DC status to manage the charger's energy consumption.

  • Display

    CCS2 Controller implements Modbus RTU (RS-485), which helps combine the HMI (Display) with the charger. HMIsof all sizes which have Modbus RTU on RS-485 can be integrated with the controller.

Unique features of our EV charge controller

  • Compliance

    CCS2CON is compliant with ISO/IES 15118, IEC-61851, and DIN 70121 for PLC communication with the EV & incorporates the EIM feature. Additionally, the CCS2CON supports OCPP1.6J for remote charger monitoring. Other pre-build features like HMI Integration, RFID, Energy Meter Integration, Power Module Integration, Insulation Monitoring devices reduce the computational time and effort in building the charger from scratch.

  • Power Module Interface

    CCS2 Controller operates on a CAN interface for communicating with the Power module. There is a provision to interface with multiple power modules in a single CAN to scale up the charger power rating.

  • OCPP

    The in-built OCPP 1.6J makes it easy for the CCS2 Controller to integrate with the central server seamlessly. The centralized system aids in energy management.

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Our CCS2CON is the most reliable and trusted product for the EV charging ecosystem. Our CCS2 Controller is tested under real-time conditions with EVs.

  • 100% secure and efficient
  • Easily scalable through power module interface
  • Multifaceted with communication protocols
  • Operating at an optimum energy per EV while charging
  • Cloud Capable with Data Protection and Privacy
  • Compatible with HMIs of all sizes having Modbus RTU on RS-485

J1772 is the official Japanese standard. The EV charge connector includes the high-speed charging pins with the J1772 connector.It uses the J1772 charging inlet and combines two more pins.

The plug-in EVs like the Chevy Volt, Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model S use the SAE J1772 standard to charge and connect.

A 50KW charger will facilitate the rapid charging speed. In 20 to 60 minutes, an electric car will be fully charged, depending on the battery size and the State Of Charge before initiating the charging process.

The Level 3 and Level 4 charging stations represent the most advanced EV charging and a shift from the type of electricity used in our daily household applications. This charger type is the fastest amongst the three and can replenish up to 80% within 30 minutes.

The motor controller receives commands from interfaces such as the throttle, brake, and forward/reverse control switches. The motor controller processes these commands and very precisely controls the speed, torque, direction, and consequent horsepower of a motor in the vehicle.