Delivering Smart Consumer Electronics Solutions

Consumer Electronics Powered by IoT have altered the way devices communicate with one another via connected applications. With minimal human interaction, connected applications have provided additional comfort and convenience for consumers. OEMs must address challenges such as connecting a large number of devices, secure connectivity, data privacy, converting legacy systems to smart ones, and keeping up with evolving technologies to provide a seamless experience for their users. Faster time to market is the key to success in this market; nowadays, people tend to adopt new devices quickly, giving early adopters an advantage in the industry.

Our expertise in creating and customizing connected solutions enables the design and development of smart and connected consumer electronics devices. We’ve worked on audio/video systems, home appliances, HVAC systems, smart wearables, and other smart consumer devices. We provide services such as concept generation, feasibility, product engineering and manufacturing, cloud integration, connected applications, and quality engineering.

With intuitive device-to-cloud development and integration, Dynamic Edge Creative has proficiency in ingraining consumer electronics with the human-machine interface, connectivity, robotics, miniaturization, printed OLED, sensors, optics, and more. Some of our other solutions enriched with these features include Smart AC, Smart Curtains, Smart Appliances, etc.

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Our Expertise in Smart Consumer Appliances

We provide a comprehensive range of customized consumer electronics solutions to suit the client's specific requirements. Below are some of the services that we offer.

  • Quick Digital Transformation

    Convert legacy devices to smart ones in a quick time using our in-house product platforms

  • IoT Ecosystem

    Managing & monitoring connected devices remotely via mobile apps, tablets, display interfaces, etc.

  • Enhanced User Experience

    Intuitive UX/UI to control devices with various functionalities

  • Predictive Analysis

    Data analysis using the latest cloud & AI/ML solutions to improve the experience & reduce failure rates of devices

  • Enabling 5G in Consumer

    Connect consumer electronic devices with a 5G Gbps network to entitle a new user experience with more network reliability, higher performance & low network latency

Consumer Electronics Offerings

Connected Consumer Electronics

Cutting-edge consumer electronics solution development including smart appliances, wearables, security equipment, and more

Prototype Development

Develop quick cost-effective prototypes for concept validation & field trials before mass production

Cloud & DevOps Services

Cloud application development, migration and integration to build connected consumer solution

Connected App Development

Web and mobile application development including UI/UX design

Virtual Assistant Integration

Integration with Alexa, Google Mini/Home, and HomeKit & many more

End-to-end Testing

Automated testing framework for connected solutions to improve efficiency

Product Certification & Validation

Pre-compliance and certification services for CE, CE-RED, FCC, IC

What Makes Us Stand Out?

We offer full-stack development, product performance optimization and IoT enablement for consumer electronics.
Our specialized offerings for Consumer Electronics comprise business intelligence, and analytics, apart from AI and ML.
Our Consumer Electronics solutions include IoT WiFi Module, IoT Z-Wave Module, Smart Home Control, Smart Meter, and more.
We provide you with expert consultancy, smart manufacturing, and state-of-art solutions with the concept to production approach.
We stand to impart you with DevOps, CloudOps, alongside Cloud Migration, and Remote Device Management.
We let you get hold of enhanced ROI by ensuring that you receive leading-edge technologies like AR/VR, Cloud, Big Data, and so on.