Smart Automotive Solutions Development

Dynamic Edge Creative is creating a diverse set of best-in-class automotive solutions, such as digital cockpit systems, autonomous systems, e-mobility systems, and connected car systems. As a leading provider of technology solutions, we understand the automotive industry’s ever-changing landscape and strive to help our technology partners stay ahead of the curve by constantly innovating and investing in cutting-edge technologies. IoT has enhanced transportation efficiency, reliability and has paved the path for the future of intelligent, autonomous, and electric vehicles.

Having all in-house expertise on Hardware, Firmware, Software, Testing & Validation, Cloud & Apps, and Mass manufacturing, we help our clients in designing and developing a wide range of automotive solutions. We collaborate with some of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers and suppliers to help them get their products to market faster and more efficiently. We also assist automotive manufacturers in developing solutions for electric vehicles, including wired and wireless battery management systems that meet all safety standards and pre-compliances.

We are focused on designing, developing, deploying, and managing distributed automotive solutions and projects all over the globe. We see a lot of potential in modern technologies disrupting the traditional automotive market. Our solutions combine our unique knowledge and expertise from all relevant areas including Machine Learning & AI, IoT, Blockchain, Big Data, and Clouds.

There has been a substantial advancement in the automotive software solutions ecosystem around the globe, be it connected vehicles, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles or the controller units required for these features. The functional safety compliance becomes all the more critical with these advanced features.

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Our Expertise in Automotive Engineering

We provide a comprehensive range of customized Automotive solutions to suit the client's specific requirements. Below are some of the services that we offer.

  • Digital Transformation

    Converting legacy automotive systems to new-age connected ones with multi-RF connectivity support.

  • Fleet Management Solution

    GPS-based tracking, live video streaming, efficiency parameters measurement, cloud data storage/analytics.

  • Enhanced Passenger/Driver Experience

    Integrating in-vehicle infotainment systems, smart parking, driver assistance, advanced navigation, V2X, automated health emergency management, etc.

  • Power Electronics

    By leveraging our profound domain expertise in power electronics, we deliver tailor-made solutions that enable high efficiency, reliability, and scalability in the automotive industry.

  • AI/ML Expertise

    Proficiency in machine vision includes developing algorithms for image recognition, segmentation, depth perception, and vision-based functions, as well as implementing LiDAR applications, sensor fusion algorithms, localization, and situation assessment.

  • Wireless Technology

    In-depth understanding of wireless technologies allows us to design and develop cutting-edge solutions that enable real-time communication and seamless connectivity between various devices, such as vehicles and infrastructure.

Our Automotive Offerings

Advanced Driver Assistant System

Delivering seamless integration and cutting-edge solutions for a safer and smarter self-driving future

Wireless Charging

Designing wireless charging nodes for electric vehicle charging systems and autonomous vehicles. Our expertise in wireless technology covers a wide range of standards, including Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n/ac/ax), 5G/LTE/4G/, BT/BLE, NFC, and GPS

Camera Expertise

With our camera expertise, we are contributing to the advancement of the automotive industry by developing solutions that enable safer and smarter vehicles

In-vehicle Infotainment System

Develop an intelligent voice assistant system and integrate it with internet-connected services such as maps, on-demand entertainment systems

Rugged Hardware Design

Design and certify the rugged, fail-safe hardware system to function in adverse temperatures (-45o to 100o C), humidity, shock and vibration condition

E-Mobility Systems

Powering the future of electrification with cutting-edge technology and sustainable innovations

Connected Car Systems

Empowering seamless communication, data-driven insights and transformative experiences for the vehicles of tomorrow

Automotive Standard Compliance

Ensure MISRA C & AUTOSAR standards including object code, stack, link, re-entrance analysis, structural code coverage analysis & AAOS support

Why Dynamic Edge Creative for IoT Automotive Engineering?

Our unique multi-domain competency in key areas such as multimedia, IoT, and automotive enable us in delivering efficient automotive solutions.
We design, develop new systems and re-engineer legacy solutions to accommodate new business objectives.
The dedicated developers and designers create, deliver, and deploy bespoke solutions that meet clients' expectations. Our agile approach to projects allows us to customize the product based on the requirements to achieve the best results.
Partnership with chip manufacturing giants like NXP, Marvell, Texas Instrument, SILAB and cloud partners like AWS, Microsoft Azure, ClearBlade, Ayla networks, etc allowing us to have early access to their new edge automotive solution for our customers.
From 24/7 support and maintenance to timely upgrades, we will provide everything that you and the automotive software we built for you need from us. You will be conveyed everything about our post-development policies by our project manager right in the beginning, and you will get that in-written within the contract.
We offer an ideal combination of digital products based on the latest technology that is developed and designed by skilled talents of our company at competitive prices in the market.