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Being an established fullstack development company, we have built our reputation to make enterprise-grade solutions that best suit our customers’ needs. We offer sturdy backend development with our mastery in the backend technologies.

Hire dedicated back-end developers from us to build scalable, reliable, and feature-rich backend solutions. Our back-end experts are well-versed in popular frameworks and languages like Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Golang, etc. Hire back-end developers who are ready to be deployed in your project to acquire the duo of a powerful architecture and enhanced performance.

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Why Choose Dynamic Edge Creative to Hire Remote Backend Developers?

Hiring backend developers from Dynamic Edge Creative comes with a team-based approach to app development, significantly becoming more responsive, agile, and competitive. Rigorous testing of the software is conducted with a view to avoid issues during the final rendering of the component by defining development life cycle and application modules.

Why Choose Dynamic Edge Creative to Hire Remote Backend Developers?

Rapid Collaboration
Rapid Collaboration
Software Testing
Software Testing
Data Security
Data Security
High Performance
High Performance

Rigorous testing of the software is conducted with a view to avoid issues during the final rendering of the component by defining development life cycle and application modules.We offer stringent app security in terms of reliable development techniques and our developers stay keen on the data accessibility rights involved with your project.Our backend programming experts excel in writing clean, modular, and well-structured code that makes app maintenance a lot easier including the updates and scalability of your project.

With Dynamic Edge Creative, you can easily empower the nerve center of your development initiative and control servers both on the cloud and on premise. Our genius team writes, optimizes, and deploys intricate yet highly functional server-side code ensuring harmonious binding with the frontend of your application to process data seamlessly.

Get access to an experienced and highly versatile team of backend programming professionals to ensure maximum product performance and sustainability. You will have the guarantee of no bugs, no fails, no clumsy code, or no hidden operations.

Market–leading Back-End Development Capabilities

Top Rated Backend Tech Stack Expertise

We are here for the best saturation of backend frameworks. Hire backend software developers from Dynamic Edge Creative who are professionals to reinforce an impeccable bedrock for your application.

Database Development Service

Database Development Service

We ensure that you fetch the churned and abstracted information from your complex data structures, bringing exemplary output when applied in your enterprise solutions. Our backend developers are adept with the following databases and their management- MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and more.

API integration & Programming

API integration & Programming

Our team of backend developers implements API programming for smooth third-party integrations. Your users can also receive a seamless integration between the current backend and the legacy application without a hitch.

Server-side Scripting

Server-side Scripting

Our backend development team ensures that each of your project servers is efficient, fast, and satisfying the current project needs. Holding knowledge of the latest technologies and tools, we aim to offer risk-free and error-free server scripting services.

Application Re-engineering Service

Application Re-engineering Service

Get in touch with our backend programmers to obtain the most efficient cutting-edge re-engineering processes to restore processes, views, and screens. Our backend web developers make sure to use the current processes of applications thus customizing them.

Competitive Advantages of Back-End

What are the Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Node.js Developers from Dynamic Edge Creative?

We have received the highest pinnacle of backend strength as we proudly present our backend tech-stack by glorifying and complementary backend languages such as Ruby on Rails, Golang, ExpressJS, Laravel, and more. Holding a power-packed 10+ backend development team, we are your savior destination to hand over your backend web development struggles.

  • Always connected

    Always connected

    When you hire backend developers from Dynamic Edge Creative, your developers will be your reliable companion, guiding you through the entire process, from ideation to post-launch maintenance. They will be your trusted go-to expert, ensuring seamless operations at every step of the way.

  • Cherry Picked Excellence

    Cherry Picked Excellence

    We meticulously select the top 1% of backend developers, ensuring unparalleled talent for your projects. When you hire from us, you gain access to elite developers who excel in their craft.

  • Seamless Collaboration

    Seamless Collaboration

    We offer more than just developers; we provide dedicated backend partners who become an integral part of your project. Benefit from their expertise, commitment, and passion for making your dreams a robust reality.

  • No shortcuts

    No shortcuts

    Hire dedicated backend developers that help you develop tailor-made mobile apps as per your requirements.

  • Flexibility and Feasibility

    Flexibility is our second name

    At Dynamic Edge Creative, we offer flexible hiring options, so you can choose the arrangement that suits you best.

Effective and Efficient Hiring Models

Engagement Models to Hire Expert Back-End Developers

Flexible models to hire highly skilled back-end developers and meet your business needs and project requirements.

  • View Hire
  • Hiring Period(Mini)
  • Methodology
  • Communication
  • Time Frame

Full-Time Hiring

  • 8 Hours
  • 1 Month

Part-Time Hiring

  • 4 Hours
  • 1 Month
  • Agile
  • Phone, Chat, E-mail
  • Daily Reports, jira etc.

Part-Time Hiring

  • Hour Basis
  • 25 Hours
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Smooth Hiring Process

Hire Dedicated Developers in Easy Steps

Our hiring procedure is straightforward, streamlined, and efficient. We carefully screen and select candidates based on their skills and experience, ensuring they meet the needs of your project.


Tell us the skills you need

we’ll schedule a call and understand your requiremnts.


We provide the best talent for you

Get a list pre-vetted candidate within days.


Schedule a Developer interview

Select the developers you like.


Begin your project

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Scrum Methodology

Agile Development Process

Explore our diverse agile development methodology and pick the most suitable one as per your needs.

agile development process

Let’s discuss your project and build something extraordinary.

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You’ve Questions, We’ve Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your questions answered before hiring the right resource


Through a rigorous screening process, Dynamic Edge Creative handpicks developers who are highly skilled and hold great expertise in server-side programming languages. Although we offer a wide range of languages, frameworks, and toolkits for backend development, some of them include Ruby on Rails, Django, PHP, Java, NodeJS, MySQL, Python, etc.

Additionally, our backend software engineers follow DevOps principles and follow the Agile software development methodology, which puts you in a win-win position because you and our developers are always communicating and looking for your feedback to implement.

The process is pretty easy and straightforward. First up, you have to reach out to us and share your backend development requirements. After carefully evaluating your project, application, and business needs, we will create a detailed development roadmap for you and let you choose a hiring model. Next, you can check the portfolios of our backend experts and shortlist suitable candidates. The final step for you is to onboard the dedicated development team and get your project going!

We provide several engagement models, such as the fixed cost model, dedicated resource model, and hourly/time and material model to hire back-end developers. Alternatively, you can also opt for a hybrid model with a combination of fixed cost and dedicated resources or time and material model. The goal is to help you hire backend programming experts with the best-suited pricing model for your project and business objectives.

We wish we could give a direct answer to this question. The fact is that the number of factors determine how much it is going to cost to hire back end developers. The requirements of your project, the developer’s experience, the level of feature complexity, and the project’s timeline are all included. However, to give you an idea, our backend developer for hire fee ranges from $30 to $60 per hour, taking all factors into account.

We have a diverse pool of developers who are unique, in terms of skill sets, development experience, industry knowledge, and domain expertise, in their own way. With the help of our rigorous screening method, we cherry-pick our backend developers, who fulfill our requirements for excellence only when they have successfully passed all the screening levels. And based on your project specifications, we deploy them to your team so that you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands.