A complete ecosystem of embedded solutions

End-to-End IoT Solutions

We have a proven track record of developing and launching cutting-edge embedded products. Our software product engineers can turn your innovative idea into a working product. All you need to do to get a dependable, secure, and highly scalable product is to acquire complete end-to-end Product engineering services.

Build Your Products With A Trusted Product Engineering Company

Embedded products range from consumer-oriented devices to connected enterprise equipment, as well as heavy industrial assets such as robots and machines in smart factories. There are numerous great examples of smart products that have done wonders (and made millions of dollars) in various industries and companies by leveraging product engineering services in line with a unique product idea.

If you plan to develop and sell such a unique smart software product under your brand name, Dynamic Edge Creative can effectively realize your on-paper idea into a highly functional smart device.

A custom device entails three powerful parts: high-functioning hardware, robust coding, exceptional user interface. As an end to end product development solution our aim is to deliver a powerful, functioning smart product to your company, and in turn to the world.

Our support continues even after the product development life cycle is complete as our partnership always aims for long term sustainability. We will assist you in periodically enhancing the product to explore higher device potential over time.

Design, Implement & Manage Industry-Leading Solutions

Get Our Complete Product Engineering Services

As one of the leading software product engineering firms, we handle your entire product development process, including time to market, engagement models, and manufacturing. While developing and delivering a high-functioning product, we adhere to the most stringent product development standards.

Thorough Feasibility Analysis

Technical Feasibility

Your job is to come up with a fantastic product idea and investment. Our responsibility, to complete the product engineering process within the defined requirements and cost.

  • BOM cost analysis, optimization, and reduction
  • Non-recurring engineering (NRE) cost analysis
  • Component benchmarking & selection
  • Obsolescence management
  • Form factor restriction & miniaturization
  • Power management & optimization
  • Value engineering
Our Key Offerings for Hardware Design

Hardware Design & Development Engineering

We as a Hardware engineering services company will design and develop a user-friendly product that perfectly matches your vision and the end-users needs.

  • PCB design & development
  • Microcontroller & multiprocessor based hardware design
  • Hardware system architecture
  • Schematics, layout, & gerber
  • Platform & embedded OS type selection
  • Hardware EVT & DVT
Custom Embedded Development for Connected Products

Embedded Software Development

Our embedded team designs, codes, and tests the software and connectivity of your product to thoroughly make sure that there is not even a hair of glitch in the entire embedded system.

  • Bootloader & OS loading programming
  • BSP & device driver/interface development
  • OS/Kernel/App customization and porting
  • SDK/middle-layer development
  • Embedded GUI development
  • Sensor integration & edge processing
  • Gateway design & customization
  • Embedded cloud integration agent
  • Connectivity solutions & protocol stack development
Ensuring Robust Product Design & Comprehensive Testing

Product Prototyping & Testing Services

Our embedded systems software and product engineering team use focused iterations to produce rapid prototypes with tangible milestones to evaluate, test, and improve upon.

  • Board bring-up & functional testing
  • Low power functional & system SW testing
  • Storage & peripheral driver testing
  • Protocol & stack testing
  • System integration, test & validation
  • End-to-end IoT solution testing
  • EMS & contract manufacturing support
Regional Certifications & Compliances

Pre-Compliance & Certification

Our team offers testing and validation services using several innovative verification and validation techniques to ensure the product meets every requirement for certification standards.

  • Pre-compliance testing
  • Automated/manual test fixture design
  • Electronic design automation
  • Functional test/stress test
  • Environment testing
  • Embedded Systems Security
  • Hardware security – encryption
  • FCC, CE, IC, UL, ROHS – hardware product certification
Delivering Technology Enabled Business Solutions

We Possess Expertise In These Embedded Technologies

Our product engineering firm has in-depth knowledge of the following embedded platforms, devices, tech stacks, and protocols.

  • NXP
    Analog Devices
    STMicro Electronics
    Raspberry Pi
  • Linux
    Bare Metal
  • C & C++
    React Native
    Hybrid app
  • WiFi
    Bluetooth (BLE)
    LTE 4G/5G