Introduction to Smart BMS

A Smart Battery Management System (BMS) monitors the health of the battery and alerts you to any problems. As the leading BMS manufacturers, we create BMS products that help prevent unexpected battery explosions. Ensures that you do not overcharge or discharge your battery pack in a vague manner. Protects your battery systems and optimizes their performance.

Battery Management Systems must be capable of monitoring cell voltage, temperature, and the health of batteries. Such monitoring protects batteries from harmful events such as overloading or overheating, and can even shut down the power circuit if necessary. All of this means that a good BMS can extend the life of each cell while also increasing its performance efficiency.

Communication protocols enable BMS to become more intelligent and make decisions without the need for human intervention. Dynamic Edge Creative’s Smart Battery Management System (BMS), Wi-Fi, and Non-isolated CAN communication protocols enable seamless connectivity to mobile and web applications. It monitors real-time analytics remotely. Secure MQTT is now available for cloud communication. Featuring optional GSM/GPRS and GPS interfaces.

A Smart BMS is an advanced system that monitors and manages battery performance, ensuring optimal operation, safety, and longevity. Our Smart BMS integrates seamlessly with various battery types, providing comprehensive management solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), renewable energy storage systems, and other battery-powered applications. Our Smart BMS is designed to provide unparalleled battery management solutions, enabling you to harness the full potential of your battery systems.

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16 cell BMS

  • BMS


  • Supports

    3-series to 16-series cells

  • Battery chemistry support

    Li-on, Li-polymer, LiFePO4 Battery packs

  • Voltage

    7V to 75V

  • Communication Protocols

    BLE, WiFi, Non-isolated CAN, GSM/GPRS & GPS interfaces

22 cell BMS

  • BMS


  • Supports

    4 - 22 cells

  • Battery chemistry support

    Li-on, Li-polymer, LiFePO4 Battery packs

  • Voltage

    12.5 V to 92.5 V

  • Communication Protocols

    BLE, WiFi, Non-isolated CAN, GSM/GPRS & GPS interfaces

Applications of Smart Battery Management System

  • Mobile Equipment and Stationery Electrical Storage Equipment

  • Industrial & Home storage

  • Backup Battery System

  • Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs)

  • Drones, Robots, Street Lightning

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The crucial aspects that a BMS covers are:

  • Ensuring Cell protection and passenger safety
  • Calculating State of charge (SoC) & State of health (SoH)
  • Ensuring Cell balancing

Yes, a smart BMS will monitor the battery distinctively and hence notifies you to prevent overcharging of battery.

Our smart BMS uses the CAN (controller area network) communication protocol.