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Success Stories

We have turned plenty of ideas into executable action by proving our creativity and expertise of our veteran engineers. Let's explore the top-notch applications from varied industries we have built in the last few years.

B2B SaaS Loyalty Solution for Automobile


-CarCarePro brings the fun of earning points, rewards and status badges from the retail technology segment to the auto repair world.

-We’ve combined our love of cars and our technology backgrounds with first-hand experience in proven loyalty methodologies to create a powerful solution for auto repair shops that keeps your customers coming back to your dealership for all of their vehicle needs.

-CarCarePro treats car owners and vehicles as individual entities to enable either entity to earn increasingly valuable status levels. For car owners, Preferred status badges enable bonus points and extra perks to be awarded to your most valuable customers. For vehicles, the highest status level available is Gold Certified CPOV (certified pre-owned vehicle).

The Ultimate Party & Event Finder App

The Party App

-Welcome to The Party App, the brand-new app that allows people to easily find their perfect party!

-If you are out and want to know which party is near you now then you can select your preferences and the right party will show up. There is a LIVE FEED meaning the clubs can update what’s happening inside the clubs in real time this includes how many people are in the club. So, you don’t have to worry about turning up to an empty club at the same time you don’t want to waste your time if it’s full. Also, amazing offers are communicated via the live feed so it makes visiting that club even better.

An Ecommerce Store for Charcoal Baskets & Grills

Kick Ash Basket

-Kick Ash Baskets are custom fit to your model charcoal grill and designed to increase efficiency, enhance temperature regulation, and save time during grill prep & cleanup. To allow coals the room they need to breathe and craft a more purposeful cook, all you gotta do is shake that ash.

-We’re family owned & operated and we put in the work for every minute detail on each of our products. It was a common problem that brought us here, but now it’s much more than that. We’re here to bring you the highest quality charcoal grilling experience imaginable. Most importantly, we’re just like you! We’re not interested in keeping up with the Jones’, because we know that we have all that we need in our own backyard.

A Social App for Movie Dating


-ReeLove, is a user-friendly, Social Media App, which allows users to match, chat and meet up for a movie.

-Users can search for like-minded individuals anytime, on demand!

-Match – Let ReeLove do all the legwork! We’ll match you with likeminded movie lovers! Search by: choice of movies, swiping, location, age, movie genres & more!

-Chat – Once matched, get to know your new mate by chatting, talking about movies, sharing and more!

-Meet – ReeLove is all about helping you, match, chat and meet someone fast, so you can enjoy your movie date.