Effective and Efficient Hiring Models

Our Partnership Models

Our engagement approach is designed to provide flexibility and choice to both enterprises and startups. We offer three distinct hiring models, enabling you to select the one that aligns most effectively with your specific project needs.

  • Suited For
  • Size of Project
  • Requirement Type
  • Client’s Involvement
  • Time Frame
  • Budget

Fixed Cost Model

  • Entrepreneur
  • Large
  • Evolving
  • Low
  • Estimated
  • Flexible

Hourly Price Model

  • Startup Company
  • Small & Medium
  • Fixed
  • High
  • Fixed
  • Fixed

Dedicated Hiring Model

  • Entrepreneur & Startup
  • Medium to Large
  • Fixed
  • Medium
  • Fixed
  • Fixed

Fixed Cost Model

If you are an entrepreneur with a small or medium-sized project with clear and well-structured requirements, the Fixed Price Model is for you. This model requires you to pay a predetermined amount or fixed price for the final product.

The Fixed Price Model allows you to clearly define your project requirements, specifications, and schedules prior to the start of development, lowering your risk. A fixed price model has the advantage of requiring little supervision from you.

We will handle all aspects of the development process, including project management, quality analysis, and assurance. This model is regarded as one of the most effective models for reducing costs and developing an app on a budget. Even though the project’s timeline is fixed, the project must be completed within the time frame specified.


Hourly Price Model

If you are a startup company or an entrepreneur with small project requirements such as changes/fixes in your already developed the product, backup or restore and crash recovery, or want to upgrade your application or product with new features and functionalities, the hourly price model, also known as the time and material model, is the best option.

You can hire an expert based on the number of working hours required for your project. In this engagement model, you can communicate directly with the hired expert and explain your needs. You can also make changes during the development process and opt for extra features if necessary.

The expert will work under your supervision and make changes/fixes as needed for your project. The total cost is directly proportional to the time and resources required to complete the project under this model.

Dedicated Hiring Model

If you need complete control over the human and technical resources involved in the development process, the dedicated development facility model is an excellent solution. DTM offers exceptional transparency, security, flexibility, and scalability.

Your dedicated facility will serve as an extension of your engineering / development center. We provide the best skill sets, resources, flexibility, and time-to-market advantages to our customers through such dedicated facilities, while also making every effort to protect their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The Customer owns all rights to the IPR created in the Development Facility.

Customers who require continuous offshore support can also benefit from Dedicated Facility. We also implement customer specific quality/process frameworks for such dedicated relationships, and teams are trained for the specific needs.

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