Virtual Reality Development

Virtual Reality (VR) is using software to manipulate one’s senses. We enter the VR world by using headsets, headphones, and other devices, which simulate a fictitious reality. While seen by some as a superb instrument for video gaming, VR has many business applications. As companies delve into VR, most are finding applications in sales and marketing. One study showed people are more interested in buying from brands that use VR. That’s probably why it’s making its way into a variety of industries, from home design and travel to business meetings, shopping, and educational classes.

VR offers the ability to simulate an experience at a lower cost and in less time needed to try it in person. For example, Porsche is currently using it to give buyers a pre-sales experience within a customized car. Vacation resorts provide customers the actual view from the prized room. Real estate agents show homes, making it easier for people to tour multiple houses from afar.

Some brands using VR include:

XFINITY, which simulated participating in a NASCAR race.

Oreo, which created a virtual world to showcase its new cupcake-flavored cookies.

Toms shoes, which offers users a chance to tag along on a giving shoe trip to Peru.

Dynamic Edge Creative is at the precipice of this technology. Our mobile
development team has experience with real-time animation,
video, audio, and all of the components to present a stellar use of
VR for your business.

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