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Facebook has come a long way since it was launched more than 10 years ago. It now carries innovative capabilities like 360-degree videos and chatbots for selling products. It is also the top information source for most of its 1.4 billion daily active users. These features make the world’s largest social media platform a top marketing venue as well. At Dynamic Edge Creative, we make sure that every Facebook social marketing campaign we set will translate to more engagements and more returns.

How Can Dynamic Edge Creative help you with Marketing on Facebook

Facebook has three important tools: pages, ads, and groups. Each has its own purpose and can be combined together for greater reach.

Facebook Pages

A Facebook Page helps you find new customers, build and nurture relationships, and increase sales. Our team of experts offers professional B2B Facebook marketing services that tackle more than just setting up a page. We will create a page that will serve as host to your creative and strategic content, engaging, and relationship-nurturing.

Facebook Ads

Want your ads to capture the attention of the right people and get the best results? Dynamic Edge Creative Digital will help you create and tailor your Facebook ads to reach your target market. We will also help you allocate the right budget for your campaigns to avoid wasting precious resources. The result? Campaigns that deliver and translate to sales!

Facebook Groups

Facebook is for building and nurturing relationships with your market and Facebook Groups is the platform that does these best. We will help you build a group where members can share their opinions of your products. You too, can join in the fun by interacting with members.

Fully comprehensive Facebook Advertising services

Dynamic Edge offers comprehensive Facebook Advertising services. We are experts in all tasks that make Facebook PPC campaigns effective:


Planning Campaigns

Facebook is an effective marketing tool but this takes expert planning. As a social marketing agency, Dynamic Edge strives to craft the best campaigns for your company. Whether you are running a single project or a whole year partnership, we will be there to help every step of the way.


Account Creation

Save hours and money by letting professionals handle your company’s Facebook account creation. There is no boring or time-consuming job that we can’t handle. We will create Facebook accounts that are stamped with your name and brand.


Ad Campaign Set Up

A very crucial step in Facebook advertising is set up the campaign structure. We will help you realize those dream campaigns and give you the full power to customize them. Properly setting up the campaign helps you to better organize, optimize, and assess your ads.


Ad Creation

We are a B2b social media marketing firm with a team of experts who formulate and create campaigns that are both creative and delivers well. We will create ads that work with your objective, budget, schedule, and expected returns.


Copy Writing

What’s a campaign if its copy is boring? We won’t let that happen to your campaigns. We want your campaigns to have attractive campaigns that will stick with your market’s minds for a long time.


Daily Campaign Optimization

Part of making your presence felt on Facebook is optimizing your daily campaigns. Part of our social media marketing services is putting your campaigns on our daily calendar, making sure it is optimized and reaches your target audience.


Weekly / Monthly Reporting

Your Facebook campaigns must deliver and we will let you in the loop through weekly or monthly reporting. We won’t bombard you with highfalutin words. You will see how your campaigns are moving in the simplest way possible.


Landing Page Consultation

Your landing page is the first thing that your audience will notice. First impressions last and that’s exactly what we want to help you with. We will give you an in-depth diagnosis of your landing page so we can improve on it.


Conversion Tracking

Which campaigns are delivering, what segment of the market makes a purchase and which ads are returning your investments? While these are not the simplest tasks, we help you get down to business and understand which ones got you the best results.

Tell us about your customers

Our Facebook social marketing consultants and experts will take care of managing your acquisition and retargeting from Facebook so that you can focus on your business.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Develop a Strategy

Knowing your market is a great power that, when used properly, can catapult your business to great success. By getting to know your market, the things they like, the right buttons that will make them purchase, their purchasing power, and the kind of things that they are likely to purchase in the future, we develop strategies that will make your product, brand, and company ubiquitous.

Facebook Ad Optimization

Placement and Ad Optimization

The right strategies will only deliver if the ads are placed properly. NetConnect Digital Agency’s team of experts know that a good B2b social media marketing agency does more than just conceptualize. We put to great use the ideas we come up with, place these ads properly, and optimize them. The results are campaigns that deliver and stick with the audience.

Facebook Marketing Creatives

Creative Enhancements

Your company is dealing with people and that is something that we should not forget. Ad campaigns are not stiff thus, at NetConnect Digital, we embrace creativity. By squeezing out our creative juices, we are able to create ads and develop strategies that are catchy, pleasing to the eye, and gets the message across with witty taglines.

Facebook Marketing Insights


Your trusted Facebook marketing agency shares the nitty-gritty details of your campaigns. The performance of your social media campaigns are a product of many different factors and we will let you understand all of the details that happened in your campaign, the conversions made, where and when those happened.

Dynamic Edge Creative increases your revenue and maximizes your ROI from Facebook advertising

No long term contracts

No long term contracts

We don’t believe in long-term contracts but because of the kind of services that we deliver, we are more than confident to work with clients for years.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Facebook marketing reporting

Daily/Weekly/Monthly reporting

Figures don’t lie and through daily, weekly, or monthly reporting, we do more than just report figures as these also help guide our clients throughout their campaign.

Facebook Marketing Experts

Expert and experienced staff

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are a great mix who interpret data and make use of their creativity to come up with campaigns that deliver.