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Contractor Score


Contractor Score is a web platform for contractors and engineers to obtain a general rating or score of their overall credibility. The goal is to obtain your score to see how you compare to the rest of the market

Contractor Score is the Fair Isaac for contractors. They utilize proprietary algorithms to rank the financial worthiness of construction subcontractors – a requirement for many federal construction jobs. Imaginovation was tasked with building a web based system to support the purchase, automation of scoring, and management of previous scores for users on mobile and desktop devices.


We were faced with a complete revamp of the old scoring system and website. The owner of the site needed a more automated system to grow the business and have less involvement in the overall process. The old system was relying heavily on emailing users manually in the system to communicate as well as manually generating of PDF documents to send for their score.


We provided a performant and scalable system that includes automated processes across all of the user types in the system. Communication is driven by data being passed in between the various steps of the process and approval/denial steps to ensure cross checking and validation of various documents. Automatic PDF generation allowed for the site owner to have the PDF documents automatically sent to the users for their score and not have to email each user individually with their custom certificate.



We began with setting a clear design goal and mapping out the various users in the system. This allowed us to identify the different personas in the application. From there, we drafted up the best user experience for automating the entire scoring process and flow. This lead to a smooth and effortless transition for development and building the actual application.