Our Process

Dynamic Edge Creative uses a flexible development approach that is 100% transparent. Using a system called Agile, we work in two-week increments called Sprints. This process allows customers to add, edit, and remove requirements based on priority at the beginning of each two-week period.

Desktop Vision
Learn & Understand Your Vision

Conveying the picture in your head is difficult. During our initial meetings, our goal is to understand your requirements, goals, and vision so we can take what you see and make something for others to use.

Desktop IAImg
100% Transparency & Availability

Communication is critical at every step, which is why we give you 24/7 access to our internal tools. There, you can directly chat with Team Leaders, watch your project as it progresses, and ask questions.

Desktop IDesigns
Interactive Designs

Before we write code, we provide you with each screen of your project. We mimic functionality, so you can try every element and communicate adjustments directly to the design team.

Desktop ProjectPlan
Project Planning

The team goes to work outlining your entire project, presenting you with a project roadmap, architecture, test plan, and a solid description of each feature required.

Desktop DveEnvironment
Development Environment

The DevOps Team goes to work building the development environment. We start turning your vision into reality by setting up the pre-built components, launching servers, creating repositories, and making a plan for future deployments.

Desktop development

Development begins only after all other steps are completed to ensure accuracy and efficiency. You will approve work after each two-week Sprint, and we conduct code testing at each phase of the process.