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Understanding JavaScript Framework

JavaScript (JS) framework is making things amazing for website owners. A JavaScript framework is a Javascript-based application framework that defines an entire application design. Using a JavaScript framework adds organization and structure, separates concerns, abstracts low-level details, papers implementation differences between platforms, and hosts a wide range of other functionalities. JS web development is perfect for websites where most of the business logic will take place on the client side. Dynamic Edge Creative has a team of JavaScript experts who can help you find and use the best framework for your website needs.


Why use Framework in JavaScript?

JavaScript has quite a reputation for working like magic on websites. It helps to know that the endless line of framework of JavaScript can made coding faster and easier for your developers. If you are still not convinced, here are more reasons programming JavaScript applications is the best decision you can make:


JavaScript Frameworks Are Tools that Get Things Done

Consider frameworks as tools that your programmers can use to get the job done well, right, and fast. One of the best things about frameworks is the opportunity to get the code even without writing it from scratch. Having a tool that makes a professional work better and faster is always a welcome addition to your business. As a JavaScript web development company, we can help you use one or several frameworks to get the work done.


Framework Lets You Write Less Lines

If you can do more with less lines of codes, will you still not use it? A framework lets you write lines quicker and easier in a condensed form and with fewer lines of code. With Dynamic Edge Creative Agency’s JavaScript app development services, we will give you efficient results with as few lines of codes as possible. For your business, it could mean less problems when it comes to rewriting codes in the future. Indeed, achieving awesome functions definitely doesn’t have to be too complicated.


Faster Website Performance

The bane of websites is a painstakingly slow performance. Visitors would automatically exit if they need to wait for a few seconds just to see a webpage load. Using JavaScript framework eliminates this hassle efficiently if you integrate it with your CMS. Through the integration, web page contents are only updated when necessary. Contents that are to-be-rendered are maintained in a virtual DOM and are rendered only when the actual DOM changes are done.


Opportunity to Build System Support

Build tools give developers the chance to use features, preprocessors within JavaScript, and write code modules that are easier to download. Developers can either write or use new JavaScript with more freedom as legacy browser incompatability is no longer a problem.

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Best JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript’s popularity continues to rise. There have been several changes and upgrades but in the end, not adopting the best JavaScript framework means your business’ website and app are already trailing behind competitors. If you want an upgrade, Dynamic Edge Creative is the place to go.

Angular JS

Are you looking to build a website with rich user interface? Angular JS is a front-end web application framework that complements Apache Cordova. It simplifies the development and testing of applications through client-side model-view-controller and model-view-viewmodel architectures. If you are looking at Angular JS web development for your site, you will be among known companies like Intel, Sprint, Walgreens, and ABC News. Dynamic Edge Creative is an Angular JS application development company that can help you achieve your website goals..

Node Js

If you are looking for a framework that is easy to manage but is scalable, then Node JS is the best choice. Node JS enables JavaScript to run scripts server-side to achieve a dynamic web page content before it is even sent to the user’s browser page. As a reliable Node Js development company, we will help your site run on multiple devices so you can achieve business goals quickly.

React Js

Do you want to efficiently manage your data? Make sure that you tap the help of a React JS development company. React Js is a framework that is maintained by social networks Facebook and Instagram, and of a community of developers and corporations. It gives businesses the power to create applications that use time-sensitive data without reloading the page. Our team of experts will help you achieve a fast, simple, and scalable website with great ease.