Dedicated Development Center

The Best Way to Save Your Time and Space

Dynamic Edge Creative offers an apt dedicated development center that works towards the specific needs of your project, thus allowing you to focus on your core business and grow. With our flexible engagement models, and a complete understanding of your app needs, we strategically partner with you to reduce operating costs and improve productivity levels in your organization.

The Dedicated Development Center is basically an extension of your app capabilities. A dedicated team of app experts works on specific project requirements posed by your company so that you can work on your core business.

We have devised a model that allows you complete control over the evolving app requirements, R&D approaches taken, testing, maintenance and other complex aspects of app development. Our strategic alliance takes custom app development to the next high level. The dedicated development team consists of members dedicated towards your projects, and they are aligned to match your processes and methodologies while keeping in mind the end goals you aim to achieve.

Our aim is to offer you complete control over your iPhone/Android app development while freeing your in-house resources to be able to work on your business requirements. The team offers complete support and is capable of handling complex projects that different in their scalability requirements. We offer best-in-class and emerging mobile app infrastructure support to help meet your requirements.

Why DDC?

The DDC works on the principle of contractual engagement model that caters to long-term outsourcing needs with cost effective & dedicated development resources that work exclusively for a single client.

Dedicated App Development Team: This dedicated team is a virtual extension of your in-house app team that works towards your business goal. It is a long term investment for your company that generates ROI with time

Skilled Resources: With our DDC, you can hire the highly-talented and skilled talent pool to work towards achieving success for your project at affordable costs by outsourcing with us. The resources hired are completely aware of business operations and the challenges that they need to deal with.

High-end Infrastructure: We offer high-end and emerging technology infrastructure to help meet your app development requirements at our DDC. This reduces your overhead expenses related to setting up IT infrastructure, technology upgradation, and creating a team of skilled resources.

Flexible Model: You can easily adjust the team size according to your needs with the flexible engagement model offered by DDC. Working time is made more convenient and flexible to meet your needs

Flexible Hours: We support your working hours, which is why our dedicated team ranging from our project manager to the entire team would be available to serve you, exceeding your expectations

Transparency: We offer complete involvement, transparency, and support to your development needs. The DDC at Dynamic Edge Creative is known for high levels of professionalism and commitment towards achieving your project goals.

Solutions Our DDC Offers

  • Data Migration and Reengineering
  • Digitization & Mobility Applications
  • Maintenance, Logistics Management, and Support
  • Testing, Debugging, QA
  • 24/7 Support
  • Application Development
  • Custom Development

How it Works

There are three stages to the ODC: Preparation, Build, Operate and Transfer

Preparation: We need to define the scope based on our understanding of your requirements at this stage. We analyze your requirements, map the expertise requirement, define the process and finally lay out the roadmap for development

Build: We need to setup the core team for your project requirements. At this point, we acquire knowledge, set up the necessary technology infrastructure, and define the approach and methodology based on our understanding of your business goals and needs

Operate: We give you complete KPI control at this point. We offer reports on the project progress, scale up/down the team based on your needs and keep accumulating knowledge to optimize performance

How building a DDC works at Dynamic Edge Creative

Setting up the Center
We analyse the complexity, scope, business functions, technology needs and other requirements posed by the project you are outsourcing. We define the team size and the expertise level required to fulfill your needs. Once the team size is defined, you can virtually hire the people you want for the team. The infrastructure and the road-map for the center is executed at the time of setup

Defining Roles
We assign a project manager, the single point of contact for all kinds of communication. We pay great attention to communication, and ensure it is seamless and the support system works round-the-clock. We define the role of all the hired resources to reduce ambiguity and increase efficiency. We incorporate best development practices and follow highly secure methods of devising the appropriate solutions

Once the roles are defined, process laid out and the key positions hired, the DDC is ready to operate. This operational stage is critical, as it needs to be done as per the road-map we have laid out. The operations are conducted by you virtually, and the whole process is aligned to your company’s policies.

Benefits of Working with Our Dedicated Development Center

  • We are focused towards collaborating with the client for better engagement and quicker results, which is why we use agile methodology and emphasize on teamwork
  • Our cost of delivery is highly affordable, and we believe in standardizing and simplifying the process while keeping in mind the scalability needs of your business
  • With the DDC, we aim to offer you a quicker time to market, thus giving you an edge over the competition
  • We have a knowledgeable, experienced and highly dedicated pool of resources that aim to give you a quality app product using best practices, and defined methodology
  • Our flexible engagement models, support infrastructure and emphasis on communication helps us stay in line with the client requirements, and give them quality solutions

Build your app capabilities or, enhance them with our Dedicated Development Centers. Get in touch with us with your requirements.