Cross Platform Development

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Leveraging the cross-platform mobile development approach, you can create such solutions quickly and cost-efficiently.

In the last decade, smartphone is one gadget that has not only influence lives of people but has become an integral part of our lives right from the start of the day to the end. The number of users keeps on increasing and so does the applications. Everyday people come up with several ideas for apps and the great demand from the users opens doors of opportunities for innovative minds. However, the greatest challenge that the developers are facing these days is creating an app that is compatible with all major platforms. Building apps which not only work smoothly but also deliver an excellent user experience is a demanding task.

This is where we come into the picture with our streamlined cross platform app development services to offer device-oriented features without missing out the native capacity of different platforms. Dynamic Edge Creative convert your ideas to a mobile app and set it out lucratively over a number of platforms such as Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry and Windows. Our capabilities in building cross platform apps are extensive as our teams are masters in Phone Gap, Angular JS & Iconic, Jquery, Drupal, Core PHP, Xamarin and much more.

Dynamic Edge aim to maintain a balance between the native competence and core uniformity making sure that the responsiveness and platform independence is not compromised. Dynamic Edge Creative making sure that every app is designed in a way that the look and feel of the interface aligns to the platform it is being used on.

Experimenting with popular methodologies such as agile development, our experts make sure of delivering multi-platform apps that not only give enhanced user experience but also cater to the industry, business, and vertical requirements. Our highly customizable model is a result of meticulous assessment of your business requirements which make sure that a high quality and appropriate cross platform mobile solution is provided on time, in accordance to your timelines and business perspectives.

The Wow Factors at Dynamic Edge Creative

  • Offer user rich experience in all platforms
  • Uniform and Seamless look and feel across all platforms
  • Quick turnaround time for development with high quality and reasonable costs
  • Fast time-to-market for all platforms
  • Robust core and latest technology& tools
  • Development as per international industry standards

We help you from the conceptualization to marketing if you wish to have a cross-platform app development. If you want to make the most of your concepts with mobile apps, get in touch with our experts. Let’s talk business!