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Augmented Reality App Development

Do your business in an interactive and fun way with our AR apps

It’s all about being Augmented at all the time! Fixing the furniture or reading a book…

Augmented Reality – A concept that keeps humans nearest to their destination goals. Yes, we can simply define it like this. Because the technology runs around this. Augmented reality is providing a composite view of things and bring it to the real world applications. E.g., reading a book about the palace and showing a palace is just right there and even feel the atmosphere of that place virtually just by seeing it in a three-dimensional view.
Augmented Reality app is a real-time interaction of different components from the client’s as well as the virtual interfaces. Dynamic Edge Creative teams up with entrepreneurs to imagine boundless open doors in AR app for Retail, AR for Games, AR for Education, and AR for Healthcare to give some examples – building rich and amazing Augmented Reality app development.

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Types of Augmented Reality our company deals with

Marker Based AR

This type of AR allows us to add some visual pattern like QR code to produce a result when marker or an AR mobile application can sense through a reader.

Projection Based AR

A pattern is scanned through the device’s camera, which is recognized and superimposed by the system on the device’s screen in the form of a digital image.

Recognition based AR

In recognition based AR, the AR marker is detected and recognized with the help of an AR app. This AR marker helps to replace it with a corresponding object.

Outlining AR

The human eye is the best camera in the world, but the limitation is it cannot look at things for a longer period of time. Thus, this type of AR creates outlining using special cameras to enable humans to do various tasks. This method is used for architectural and engineering purposes.

Superimpose Based AR

This kind of AR replaces the original view of objects either partially or fully with an all new and replicated augmented view of the same object.

Markerless AR

This AR category uses GPS feature of your smartphone to locate and interact AR-based resources. It is mainly used in location centric mobile applications

Location-based AR

Location-based AR uses location detecting techniques of the smart devices. If you love traveling, this approach of AR will analyze your location via GPS, compass, and accelerometer to give results based on relevant information.

Arenas which use Augmented Reality Applications

Real-time GPS Tracking

Getting weather updates, directions while you are travelling in a new city, Augmented Reality can help you using the GPS tracking systems. The user can even remain updated about any potential dangers that might occur or can give you real-time data about traffic and can give you other alternatives to avoid it.


The superimposition based AR technique is used here where content, designs, video, and sound are superimposed into a student’s study environment on a real-time basis. The educational material like notebooks and textbooks are embedded with markers which when scanned by AR gadget can render data in an interactive media format.


This sector is actually into AR on a larger scale where the tourists can take a stroll through places like museums and historic sites and can have stories and facts overlaying right before them on the live screen. This is done via real-time information about that particular location and highlights and remarks given by past users i.e. past history.


Medicine is a branch where the medical students use this AR technology in order to carry out their surgery practices for better precisions. AR technology thus helps such students to improve their calculations about a patient’s surgery, thereby reducing the risk factor by a significant amount.


We can create various 3D representations technologies and a 360-degree view of products in any space. AR Applications like a dressing room or say a furniture store can make online shopping way more real, fun and personalized for clients.


Gaming is an arena which is into AR based technology on a larger scale. The video games that are powered by AR technology and fabulous graphics is a gift for all gaming freaks. Gamers end up with AWEsome experiences in this digital gameplay bestows their game with real effects.

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