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7 Reasons React Native Is Going to Be BIG In 2021

When a business owner plans to invest in mobile app development, the very first question that strikes his mind is choosing operating system. Greater performance, quick development cycle and faster deployment is something every business owner is looking forward to. With two operating system being dominant in the current market scenario, mobile app developers need to compromise with either faster development cycle or with better user experience.

So, what’s the way out? Don’t you think there should be an application framework that bridges the gap between both the OS?

The good news here’s is that hybrid app frameworks bridges the gap found between development cycle and user experience. And React Native has become the most prominent name to build complex hybrid apps delivering native user experiences due to its advanced features.

Launched by Facebook in the year 2015, React Native is one of the most popular frameworks doing rounds of the interned since its existence. Be it Tesla, AirBnB, Instagram, Walmart, Wix or Bloomberg, there are lots of other brands and high-end applications making extensive use of React Native framework to give competitive edge over the market.

The below statistics image is clear enough to understand that React Native is not just alive in the minds of the entrepreneurs but is kicking hard.

Doesn’t it speak much about its success and credibility? It certainly does. So, what’s the key reason behind the React Native’s continuous success? It lies in its ability to perform seamless operations in a quick manner using UI components and JavaScript.

Therefore, if you want your mobile app to compete high with some renowned brands like Walmart, Instagram etc; it is high time that you invest in a React Native app development. Moreover, a recent Statista report predicts that the global app revenue is expected to reach 189 billion dollars by the year 2020 end.

Hence, incorporating the right app development tool for your business at right time will not only pull out considerable profit for your app but will also proves to be beneficial in a long run.

How Is React Native Better Than Other Frameworks?


7 Strong Reasons That Prove React Native Is the Future to Build Cutting-Edge, Complex Yet Potent Application

  1. Minimized Development Time & Cost

React Native makes it easy to transfer the codes between various mobile platforms. In other words, you can say that an application developed for Android on React Native can be easily compiled for iOS app with a few minor changes. Since the single codebase can be used on both the platforms, it certainly minimizes the development time. In fact, a React native app development takes 33% less time as compared to the native android or iOS app development.

Moreover, with minimized development time, the development cost gradually decreases which proves to be beneficial especially for the budding startups.

  1. Simple & Easy Maintenance

If your application is built in the native framework using older version of the Operating System and if it requires regular updates, then it would be demanding and time consuming. However, React Native flexible approach makes the entire app development maintenance easy, simple yet price effective.

  1. Reusable Components – Making App Rendering Native!

While using reusable components for its functioning and development, React Native can directly compile an app to Native. It means that the components you might use for Android or iOS have their equivalents in React Native framework too which is why it is possible to ensure consistent look and feel in the respective platform.

Besides, with component-specific structure, the app development in React Native is agile and smooth.

  1. Out-of-the-box User Interface and User Experience

React Native facilitates the development of the fully-optimized apps that are highly compatible across all the devices regardless of the screen size seamlessly. Applications built with React Native not just adjusts with screen resolutions and its configurations but also leads to faster data display along with fixing issues such as fluctuating data streamlining. Empowering lightweight feature, app build with React Native supports HD graphics and app contents respectively.

  1. Easy third-party integrations

React Native has a way of synchronizing and integrating itself with native modules via frameworks and so it can easily be integrated with app features and other components such as GPS, camera etc. It happens because of internal device programming and thus eliminating the need of additional integration work for developers.

  1. Hot Reloading Feature – Making React Native really HOT

With Hot Module Replacement (HMR) feature, developers can make a quick change in the source code while immediately viewing instant results. With Hot reloading feature, any changes in the code is reloaded automatically. This in turns assists React Native app developers to create an app without recompilation, thus boosting development process to a greater extent.

  1. Ability to work offline

Unlike native applications that lacks the offline work environment, apps developed with React Native stores the device’s API and thus saves the data offline and facilitates offline working environment in any rough or lack of network situation.

This makes React Native the most recommended cross-platform framework to build mobile apps in lesser development cost.

When Shall You Choose React Native for Your Project?

Being renowned to build highly complex and real-time applications, React Native can prove to be beneficial when your project is expected to be large, complex and deep routed. Having strong community support followed by the extensive documentation, React Native is one of the best options to build high-end applications like Uber, Instagram and so on. Also, if you’re planning to reuse the existing code for either a web or desktop app, React Native app development is one of the best options to go with.

Conclusion: React Native Is Going to Be Big In 2021

Being widely adopted by developers, React Native is definitely the talk of the town due to its ability to build complex and larger apps in a seamless way. Cost-effective, lightweight yet fast and useful are some of its traits that makes it a go-to frameworks for developers to build reasonable apps across the globe. Therefore, if you want to reach new heights of success, investing in React Native app development in 2021 and the upcoming years would be the wisest decision to make.

Just try React Native and I’m sure, you’ll love every bit of it.

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